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What if your browser history had super powers?

  1. The year when everything changed | The Economist

    remembered as a turning point
  2. Covid reconsidered

Want to check out that article you were reading a few weeks back but can’t remember the title or even what site it was on?

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Your browser history is stuck in the dark ages. Most browsers only let you find sites you’ve visited by just their title or address.

So how can you solve this problem?

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Wisplight doesn’t just remember web addresses. It’s clever. It provides a rich search experience into your browsing history.

Perfect for studying for that looming exam, researching the next breakthrough or just diving down random internet rabbitholes!

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Wisplight is privacy friendly and your data never leaves your device!

How? A tiny desktop application stores and analyses your data fully offline, no cloud involved! The Wisplight browser extension then provides an easy to use search interface for this data.